Today is raining..bestnye. Such so lazy to wake up from bed……rasa cam nak berguling sampai the rain stop. On the way to work, hubby babbling bout the neighbour of ours who seems to know everythings. How can like that huh….people got so banyak masa to know about others. Eeemm…..actually it started last weekend when we..all the women2 …got gathered tgether ala-ala mesyuarat tingkap (normally i x joint but this time sudah kantoi la)…and this particular neighbour…cam tau semua benda. Sampai me too…rasa cam can actually know all wot happen in the taman itself just in a few hours gossiping.

And me…myself so naive, told my hubby wot i heard on the way back from office yterday. Ye la….balik rumah pun so jauh….for sure must talk bout something..if not..i’m sure ZZZZZZZ (sleep..hehe). Hubby seems so shock will all the updates. Alamak..than disulami ngan such wonderful rainy day….he keep advising me not to be so closed to this mentioned neighbour.

Why la he so concern n bising one…..biasalah….banyak org banyak ragam. Be friend will not bring any harm rite…..?? We just need to beware a bit. Better to be a good listener and of course..jangan sesekali dok joint citer pasal org. Tak sudah2…..naya je nanti.

Anyway, my son dah OK. Bukan main nowadays..tak sabaq2 nak main bicycle. The other 2 daughters still at my sis house. RIndu la plak. Eeemm…thinking of to pick them up la….but when eeekk.. Balik kerja pun jalan jammed. See how la…..


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