Monthly Archives: January 2007

My LaSt DaY


Lat week Friday 12/01/07 is my last day in GPSTech. Last mins decission is need to hand over my jobs to this new girl, Ms E. Quite a nice girl……not much time actually.  If i got the power to slow down the time..things will be better. Tapi apa buleh buat….dah tak sempat pun.

For all friends yg this week dok busy belanja myself lunch n tea break..thank u so much ya.  All u guys is a great friends. Not b’coz of the belanja but b’coz all u guys memang best specially alex, amil, jeff, nasim, titan,lai wan,balan, wu, brenda and mostly Arni. Nani belanja u’all next time ya….hehe…End the day by having tea tarik @ TTDI with all the service tech. Hubby pun joined sekali….amboi2 tumpang sekaki nampak.  Actually hubby knows all my friends….macam keja satu opis lak.

For my boss Z…thank u so much too for all ur guidance. He is the youngest boss i ever had though. For all the big bos….Mr T and Mr S in Penang…..May GPSTeh will be more success this 2007.  For my buddy there in Account Dept, both Ms K’s…both of u is great too. Thank u so much for all the help given ya.

Anyway, GPSTech is always in my mind. All of u who is always and everyday deal with me when i’m there…..i wanna say sorry for all the salah n silap kalau ada. We human being sometimes make mistakes.

For Nasim…GOOD LUCK OK!!! Titan n Wu…..coming back? Whot ever ur decision is… support is always yours.

p/s:  hubby!!!..i need all the last day photos to be publish here la dear…..