Monthly Archives: June 2007

KeEp In ToUcH


Did chat n talk to a few old friends this few days. Just to update a bit whot is goin on out there. Thanx for remembering me guys!!

TC – Thanx for the SuPpOrT ya although I’m not thinking of "coming back" at this moment.

KJ – Thanx for the important info to hubby.  Will do and always keep in touch k…..

Ms E – Thanx for say HI to me after sometimes did’nt hear from u.  Lepaq rumah, jaga kids with salary given by ur hubby…emm…that is such a good offered that difficult to reject. Bertuah la badan….hehe. Keep in touch always tau…..boring2..boleh layan chatting.

AY & AB – Bukan main lagi kutuk aku eekk. Siap nak letak carpet merah n bunga manggar semua.  Kutuk bawah pokok ceri lak tu…..nanti korang….hehe.

AN –  Enjoy ur new workplace k.  Hope everything will be better there for u.  Gaji dah uumm……bila lagi nk belanja makan..hehe

MNO BizLink – Thanx for the OFFER but so sorry for saying NO.  Dah biasa drive short distance raca cam malas lak nak pi drive keja jauh2 lagi. 

Pearl – Budi mu tak dpt di balas.  Nanti kita plan cuti sama2 again k.  Agenda every month tu.  Lepaq JJ Srmbn..tengok wayang, makan n shop sehari suntuk cam alwiz. Bila nak pi Auntie Annie? Dah kemaruk dia nye speciality la….

Ok la guys……Sayang u’all as always la.  Tima kasih banyak2 sbb still ingat kat myself walaupun dah tercampak jauh.


I’m BaCk !!


I’m back guys…..the hectic moment is slowly leaving me with freedom. Baru rasa cam buleh bernafas through the fresh air.

Not sure wether me myself who cannot manage my job in the new workplace or wot. Anyway I love my job for sure and after a tough moment, I will start writing again. Miss the blog so much.

Got to go now….pi pick up budak2 from tuition. Wait for my next entry k…cioa

p/S: Old frenz out there…i’m still alive ok..hehe..miss u guys too la..