DiAm Yg PaNjAnG……..


Panjang ke diam nye??

Hehe…actually lama dah tak menulis. Not that I’m buzy…..tapi entahlah…..the mood is not there to write maybe…although actually a lots of things happened lately. Banyak benda but I’m too lazy to write..really do. Maybe coz of the pregnancy….such a lazy pregnant lady I am huh!! I’m now in my 2nd trimester and org kata bila sampai tahap ni kira dah cam best dah. Selera bertambah, berat bertambah, belly bertambah… la..but really ..I love being pregnant. Rasa cam sexy plak…sexy ke with the big belly ??? The 1st trimester yg teruk dan tak terdaya nk lalui lagi..is over….OVER…..LeGa!!

My both abah n mak went for Haj last Nov 26th.  The children n myself miss them soo much la…….tapi nowadays dah senang. Communication is not a problem anymore. ANytime leh cakap through phone..rasa cam dekat n atleast we know their condition.  Abah got heart attack while there 2 times last week. That was real drama for me.. He is recovering very fast with the ubat yg mak dah prepared… But surely.. And I thank Allah for that. I guess its true.. You never know how much u’d love a person.. Till one day.. When they’re no longer there.. I’m so lucky.. To still have both my abah n mak around.. And have the chance to show them just how much I do love them.. With all my heart.  They will be back soon…..next week Jan 3rd InsyaALLAH…

Latest news..is my beloved Amoi n LC. Both of them dah ade baby. Amoi giving birth to 3 cute little kitten last week Friday 21st Dec. The family shared the whole process…….sumer org dlm rumah risau, panic n at the end happy for Amoi. Dah jadi mummy dah Amoi……..

p/s: In our life.. With the love that surrounds us.. kita kena bersedia.. That it can come and it can go with a blink of an eye. And most importantly.. Its not just death that takes it away.. One million possible reasons. Yang penting is we must treasure what we have……seadanya….


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