Monthly Archives: July 2007

FriEndShiP soo important


Someone sent me this today.Friendship Terima kasih yg tak terhingga.

Sepanjang 33 tahun living in this wonderful world, semua "persahabatan" yg terjalin dgn sesiapa sahaja always berjalan lancar dan baik.  It is actually such a precious gift to have wonderful friends around.  But always beware with people….sometimes they can hurt you without you noticing it.  They sometimes don’t appreciate you too.  But always take it positively.

No matter how much "Sh*t" they throw to u…..Throw back "FlowErS" to them.  (i had a hard time too before…..only ALLAH knows…..!)


T h I n K i n g . . .


Here I am..sitting in front of the PC..thinking wot to write.


Takde idea la….I seldom “Read” nowadays. My life is all about works this few months since I started the new job.  Lot of things happened every day…a lot of things to learn too.  kekadang rasa cam failure…..kekadang rasa cam satisfied n kekadang YESSS….eemm…..but I valued my self to be part of the organization.  I’ve learned a lot…’s challenge me a lot too.  183 staffs to deal with….different characters n demand of course.

Lady boss I had this time I mean 1st time dlm hidup.  Quite a bit gelabah but a very nice & sweet Chinese lady who appreciate staffs very much.  Yg tak tahan tu kalau dia bercakap apatah lagi time marah……her voice is quite nyaring cam semua org buleh dengar. Ahak……..anyway…working with her is fun + not so much problem. Important is the WoRk must be DoNe n the AcTiOn must be FaSt!

Till today, my life going quite well.  I believe that we must always think positively.  We were the one who create our personality with the way we look things around us.  most important We MuSt LoVe Wot We Do..than we will ApPrEciAtEd WoT we Go ThRoUgH.  masalah can timbul anytime without us noticing it..but there will always a way.  Mumbling and feeling down is not the solution.  Like it or not….. face it!.  From there we learn to handle it well.  I do always remind my self this although as a normal human being the negative thinking selalu datang mengoda.

Here I am… glad and bersyukur diberikan peluang menjalani hidup macam ni.  I am thankful to my family and to ALLAH for giving me so much!!